Guide Out the Red Powder

Guide Out the Red Powder
(dao chi san 導赤散)

Source: Key to Differentiation and Treatment of Children's Diseases《小兒藥証直訣》

sheng di

rehmannia root

Radix Rehmanniae


mu tong

akebia stem

Caulis Akebiae


gan cao

liquorice root

Radix Glycyrrhizae


dan zhu ye

lophatherum herb

Herba Lophatheri


Indications: Irritability with a sensation of heat in the chest, thirst, a red face, oral sores, burning urination, a red tongue and a rapid pulse, which are the signs of heat in the heart meridian. With appropriate modifications, modern TCM uses the formula in diseases like gastritis, nightmares and urinary tract inflammations.